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Julia Schloss, Broker/Owner

Julia Schloss is the president and co-founder of Bayview Residential Brokerage. Over the course of 17 years, Julia developed Bayview from a two agent start-up into a full-service, diversified mortgage and real estate brokerage, which is now licensed in five states and works with over 150 agents and broker associates.

A California Licensed Attorney, Julia also earned her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon. Building upon her academic foundation, Julia further honed her skills and business acumen through over ten years of experience in the finance and business development departments of IBM and Cisco systems as well as general counsel at First Virtual Communications and Homestead Technologies.

Julia is an effective leader, who delivers consistent, positive results, based on a commitment to the following principles:

1. Commitment to Ethics - Julia founded Bayview with the idea that business should be conducted with integrity and honesty. This has resulted in her building a company that is praised for its ethics and ability to do right by both its clients and employees.

2. A Customer Centric and Results Driven Approach - These terms have become almost clichés, but they truly form the foundation of Julia’s approach to Bayview’s operations. Bayview’s offerings and services put the needs of Bayview’s agents first so that they can offer the most competitive offerings to their clients. Julia and her team constantly re-evaluate Bayview’s product offerings and support services to assure that they continue to deliver optimally positive results.

3. Team Member Empowerment - Bayview’s success is based on the success of its mortgage loan originators and real estate agents. That’s why Julia ensures that all team members have the resources, tools, and support they need to maximize their success.

4. Strong Partnerships - In any contract or third party collaboration, Julia strives to develop a framework and processes that align each participant’s incentives. This approach results in a win for all parties involved and fosters long-term successful relationships.

5. Determination - Born in the Soviet Union, Julia and her family came to America when she was a young child. This has instilled in her a determination to overcome challenges and accomplish beneficial results.

6. Cross-Industry Experience - Julia’s background in technology, fintech, and retail industries has given her the ability to understand complex business problems, develop effective strategies and lead teams to successful outcomes.

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